IPL 9 TV Channel Broadcasters 2016 List for Live Telecast & Live Streaming: Sony Six & Sony Max

IPL 9 TV Channel Broadcasters 2016 List for Live Telecast & Live Streaming: Sony Six & Sony Max

IPL 2016 TV channel broadcasters will play an important role in the successful functioning of broadcasting of the matches to the audience those who won’t be able to come to the stadium to watch the live matches. For this reason, TV channel broadcasters of IPL 2016 are in so much demand and have gained a lot of popularity from the last few years.
The media also comes into role when the IPL 9 TV channel broadcasters are being talked off. The TV channel broadcasters of IPL 9 have been a popular source of the news regarding the IPL. Also, there has been a lot of controversies which can be heard during the days of the tournaments regarding the matches as well the inside stories. The IPL 9 TV channel broadcasters make sure that no negative publicity or false are reached to the audience or the public.
In this way, there is a preservation of the rules of the game and no one goes against the rules of the game. There are number of broadcasters which are a part of the Vivo IPL 2016. All of them co-ordinate with each other so as to make sure that the viewer’s get the best views of the live matches to see on their televisions. Set Max and Sony Six are the two main broadcasting channels which play the main role of broadcasting the live matches to lakhs of televisions across India. There are several other broadcasting channels which in other countries like Geo Super, SuperSport, Sportsnet, OSN Network, Star Hub and many others.

IPL 2016 TV Broadcasters for Live Telecast

The IPL 9 TV broadcasters are known for their prompt broadcasting of the news regarding the IPL. Throughout The IPL, the highlights and important news are being broadcasted on the television on the sports channels. Moreover, the 2016 IPL TV channel broadcaster’s co-ordinate with the news channels and broadcast the highlight on news. Also, the co-ordination is so excellent that there is instant projection of the results and live happenings from the matches on the television.
Also, the IPL season 9 TV channel broadcasters utilize the advertisements really well so that they can keep the viewer’s well-tuned to the matches without getting bored in the whole tournament. Moreover, it is important to know that it is only because of the trustworthy broadcasters that crores of people are able to see the live matches without any kind of interruptions.

How to Book IPL 9 Match Tickets Online: IPL 2016 Tickets Online Booking, Bookmyshow

How to Book IPL 9 Match Tickets Online: IPL 2016 Tickets Online Booking, Bookmyshow

Book IPL 9 Match Tickets Online, Bookmyshow: The cricket lovers can easily do IPL 2016 tickets online booking. The IPL 9 online ticket booking of all matches are available in different sites. The prices can range from Rs. 250 to Rs. 2500 and might be more based on your team, venue, sitting position and most importantly depending on the demand for tickets as the hype is already high. So to book your place in advance with the online ticket booking of IPL 2016 and watch your idols play before your eyes, don’t be late. Those who don’t know how to book IPL 9 match tickets online, they can visit the websites such as BookMyShow.com, KyaZoonga.com, TicketGenie.com, etc. as these will let them know easily how to buy IPL 2016 tickets online owing to their high user friendly websites.

In terms of entertainment and brand value, IPL is one of the biggest events in Indian Cricket scenario and it is coming back in the month of April. The 9th season of the Indian Premier League, known as IPL 9 or IPL 2016 is scheduled on April 9 and end on May 24, 2016. It will be comprised of 9 teams and 60 matches and this IPL T20 2016 bought us more excitement and fun this year. So, you should be ready for the event which keep uniting various countries under the banner of cricket and watch the IPL 9 matches. But if you want to see your stars live then you need to go to 2016 IPL tickets booking online site and buy tickets.
This year also the opening ceremony will be taking place on the opening day of IPL matches and the venue for it is going to be Salt Lake, Kolkata. In that day, the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) will face the Mumbai Indians (MI) in the first match of Indian Premier League.

IPL 2016 Tickets Online Booking from Bookmyshow

MI fans can have IPL 9 tickets booking from Bookmyshow as it is their official ticketing partner website which MI has opened for IPL 9 tickets booking 2016 exclusively for MasterCard holders. These will be made available eight days prior to the general public. Also others and the non-MasterCard holders can start booking MI Tickets online from before. The IPL 2016 tickets for this teams is available on BookMyShow.com and the payment options are credit card or debit card or net banking.
The online ticket booking of IPL 9 is expected to be open for booking in ticketgenie.com soon as they are the official ticket partner for the many teams in IPL 2016. Moreover, you can book up to 6 tickets in a single transaction and pay via credit or debit card.

IPL 9 Opening Ceremony 2016 Live Streaming, Live Telecast & Coverage: 8 April, Kolkata

IPL 9 Opening Ceremony 2016 Live Streaming, Live Telecast & Coverage: 8 April, Kolkata

The BCCI will definitely try its level best to make this event memorable and grand and so IPL 9 opening ceremony live telecast 2016 is expected to be much better this time as a lot more drama, special action, cultural, singing, and traditional performances are expected to be added in this IPL 2016 openingceremony live streaming to make this occasion fabulous, superb and fantastic.
It will a must watch event as in the previous year also, it was and this year it will be much awaited event to be enjoyed by several viewers online as well as offline. The cricket lovers would love to watch the start of this fast action T20 cricket on their television sets, big LED, smart phones and LCD screens in theatres with special arrangements in hotels, bars, restaurants and cricket stadiums.

IPL 9 Opening Ceremony TV Broadcasters

This year IPL season 9 opening ceremony TV broadcasters will be several sports channels all around the world like sports star in India, and other foreign sport channels with one of the biggest T20 cricket live coverage. The opening Ceremony live streaming of IPL 9 will cover the display and presentation of several stars with their performances for boosting up the morals of the eight participating teams with their national anthems as all the players will be eager to take on each other with this patriotic moral boosting IPL 9 opening ceremony live streaming. The IPL 9 opening ceremony live coverage will bring tons of cricket T20 format loving players and cricket fans together to gather and cheer up their beloved teams.

IPL 2016 Opening Ceremony Live Coverage, Performers, Venue

There’s good news for all the fans of Anushka Sharma as it been heard that Anushka might be performing in the occasion. If Anushka Sharma performs in IPL 9 opening ceremony 2016, then obviously this will be a pretty god moment for both Anushka and Virat Kohli as the rumors are flooding of their relationship and they are also open about it. The venue has been decided and it will be Kolkata in salt lake stadium.
Also apart from these, the super stars from Hollywood as well will be soon called for the opening ceremony live streaming of IPL 2016. We know that the last time because of the general election first half of the tournament was shifted to the UAE. You can get the additional list of 2016 IPL opening ceremony live broadcasting channels besides startsports.com on the website, so tune to that.

Vivo IPL Season 9 2016 Tickets Price, Ticket Opening Date, Rate, Offline & Online Booking

IPL Season 9 2016 Tickets Price, Ticket Opening Date, Rate, Offline & Online Booking

This year the IPL 2016 tickets price for the opening ceremony are in huge demand already. After the cricket world cup is over and with the return of the Indian team, the fans are waiting for IPL 9 and tickets opening of IPL 9. The IPL 9 is going to start from 9th April 2016. The 2016 IPL tickets booking date can be done through a payment gateway. As the day of the opening ceremony is nearing, demand for the IPL 9 tickets price is getting higher day by day.
You can enjoy the live performance and amazing acts on the opening day but for that you need to get your hands on IPL 9 tickets rate and opening before its too late.  If you have been a cricket fan but never got the chance to watch live in a stadium, then it is the chance grab your tickets quickly before its sold out. Every year the fan following of IPL keeps on growing worldwide and so many supporters even fly from their country just to support their favorite players.  The actual prices of the IPL tickets are revealed once the tickets are up for sale. However, the tentative IPL 9 tickets fare will range like the below ones.
  • East Pavilion : Rs 250
  • West Pavilion : Rs 500
  • North Pavilion  (Level 2 – Terrace ) : Rs 1,000
  • South Pavilion  (Level 2 – Terrace ) : Rs 1,500
  • North Pavilion  (Ground – Level 1 ) : Rs 2,000
  • South Pavilion  (Ground – Level 1 ) : Rs 2,500
IPL 2016 Tickets Booking – Offline Method
Though the above is a probable rate but the tickets price of IPL 2016 may vary depending on the availability and demand. The payment option which is given for the purchase of IPL 9 tickets is credit or debit cards or net banking. The tickets may either be issued to your postal address or you might need to collect them personally from the designated office of the vendor. In case you do not get the ticket in time, then you can print the online ticket and carry the genuine identify proof.
IPL 2016 Tickets Booking – Online Method
But instead of going and buying a ticket, the better is the online booking of IPL season 9 tickets Bookmyshow. This site gives a easy way to do the tickets online. But one thing which is really sure is that the BCCI and IPL leadership will try to make you excited to the 6th edition of the tournament and make IPL 2016 a grand success. IPL T20 is again going to be one of the most popular sporting events and so, you must be watchful to book your IPL 2016 tickets in advance.

Top 5 Longest Sixes in IPL History: Player Names (Batsmen) Who has hit the Biggest Six in IPL

Longest Six of IPL: The Indian Premier League (IPL) season is mostly about how big hit the six was and who is hitting sixes. A six always brings the crowds alive and sometimes, a shot which travels many-a-mile can break the opposition and can win matches for the batting team. During all these years, there were many six sixes in IPL seasons but let’s see who was the longest six and along with that the longest six in IPL 8. So far, Royal Challengers Bangalore’s (RCB) Chris Gayle has scored the most number of sixes in the IPL followed by Suresh Raina. However in terms of distance there are other players ahead of Gayle. So let’s see who has hit the longest six in IPL history and which the top 5 longest sixes of IPL are.

Albie Morkel – 125m

Way back in 2008, Albie Morkel gave a blow which continues to top the charts in terms of the longest sixes in IPL history. The bowler Pragyan Ojha bowled a nicely flighted delivery close on Albie’s legs and as we know it was bound for a trouble.

Praveen Kumar – 124m

You might be surprised to see this name but Praveen Kumar is at the second spot for a six which travelled 124m against the bowling of Yusuf Pathan in IPL 2008 it was one of the biggest six in IPL history.

Adam Gilchrist – 122m

Another IPL history longest six is Adam Gilchrist’s one. “It has gone miles. Absolutely miles. Out of the ground. Out of the stadium and rolling down the hill.” This beautiful description was given for Gilchrist’s massive six against RCB in 2011.

Robin Uthappa – 120m

Robin Uthappa hit a monstrous six with ease at the Wankhede stadium in IPL 2010 and it was one of the longest six distance in IPL. The poor bowler on the receiving end was Dwayne Bravo and was considered as one of the best death bowlers.

Chris Gayle – 119m

Another IPL 8 longest six is Chris Gayle’s and this should be the first lesson to any left-arm spinner who bowls to Chris Gayle. Ali Murtaza, the Pune Warriors India left-arm spinner bowled a length ball close to Gayle’s body, a juicy full-length delivery, which was dispatched over mid-wicket with so much power.
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